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Game: English? Norsk? Nederlands? Svenska? Dansk?

Gamer: English, please.

Game: Press Start (more…)


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Reporting back from duty, sir!

And, er, there’s not a lot to say really. The turnout was surprisingly decent, probably much more than the GAME staff anticipated, reducing the launch knockout tournament to half a match per pairing. What with my number, assigned to me on store entry along with a FIFA 10 demo disc (which I have since lost, somehow), being 20, I’d hazard at least 30 excited ‘gentlemen’ turned up in total. Originally I was meant to be facing a chap called Dave, but as fate would have it I ended up playing my mate Kyle, which was actually disappointing! Considering we play against each other all the time, it would’ve been refreshing to play a random Joe face-to-face, mano-a-mano (ie. not on Xbox Live).

Dont mess with these angry firemen.

Don't mess with these angry firemen


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