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Blue hedgehog? Check. Classic chequered aesthetics? Check. Spindash? Check. Dodgy physics? Check?

First impressions of Sega’s true (well, true-ish, which will be argued later) sequel to Sonic & Knuckles, has finally landed in the sorely abandoned hands of the consumers. After failure upon relentless failure to discover the critical formula for Sonic decency in three dimensions, Sonic Team finally surrendered to their inabilities and returned to basics with the ominously-titled Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. 2D Sonic is back, and his movement’s a little odd. (more…)


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Technological advances are great things. They make computers run faster, build silly-tall buildings and let mad scientists play God (baguette-permitting). Most importantly, however, they afford intelligent hackers the ability to do Sega’s job, completing what the Jap giants never did and give us an idea what might have been. As promised, it’s  the second round of Sonic hackage, which may well stretch to a classic third act if the fun continues as it has. Minimising rambling for a refreshing change, let’s get on with it! (more…)

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S&H border

See what I did there? In a feature with a twist, over the next few scroll-downs (or ‘pages’) you’ll find a summary and review of the most interesting ‘hacks’ of Sonic games found on teh interwebz. To those unfamiliar, a hack is when an unauthorised change is made to a game’s files, whether that be graphics, sound, level design etc, and are often produced by ‘hardcore’ fans to re-create a game as they envisioned how it was ‘meant’ to be. The hacking of games stretches far beyond the Sonic series, yet arguably no other series contains the same amount of mystery, controversy or speculation that Naoto Ōshima et al’s creation does, hence the focus on the spiny blue one. Resultingly, countless attempts, some serious, some not, have been created to plug any gaps, with varying success. Onwards you’ll see the best and appallingly worst of the array of interventions, picked and primed for your pleasure.

Disclaimer: I am no hacker and have little experience with the process (minor tamperings with Pro Evolution Soccer 4 aside), this is simply a critical overview of a handful of what’s out there, highlighting a few to try. (more…)

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