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What with my chronic rambling disorder and the ability to spew out 3000 words or more on just about anything, I thought I’d enforce a gagging order upon, er, myself. These notions of utterance don’t count, but once the next paragraph has begun the clock will start ticking. To ease the pressure, the title of the review, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, will undertake trimmage and be referred to as NSMB.W from here on in. Here goes… (more…)


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After a mammoth overview and re-evaluation of the tear-inducing (in a good way) ShadowMan, it felt necessary to time warp back to the future to cover the happenings of contemporary gamage. In the last week an embarrassing failure occurred, CEOs uttered unusually meaningful monologue, awards were distributed (to Activision) and Modern Warfare 2’s now controversial release is imminent as we finally creep into the hotly anticipated month known to traditionalists as ‘November’.


A match made in Hell, apparently


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