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Sigh. Metro 2033. What a disappointment it turned out to be. At the time of the trailer’s release there was, from certain quarters, such as these, a huge amount of hope and expectation. With the already-classic Fallout 3 finally running out of steam as its last downloadable content was offered, up pops a suspiciously yet excitingly similar quasi-follow-up, due to be released before the post-Fallout depression kicked-in. The trailer brought connotations of a similar concept, of the human race once again being driven underground following the aftermath of a catastrophic war. Granted, not entirely original for a game (in fairness, it is based on a novel) yet nevertheless an ideal stop-gap between one end of the world, Fallout 3,┬áto the next, Fallout New Vegas. No sooner than the menacing words of ‘Metro 2033’ popped up once the trailer was done with giving us a jolly good whetting, the ‘anticipation-o-meter’ sprang into overdrive. (more…)


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