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No, this isn’t an environmental report suggesting the perilously low stocks of fish found in the Atlantic are on the up, rather it’s something to do with Activision’s latest money generator with the release of the next Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map pack, once again containing three new arenas and two old ones with a slight lick of paint. (more…)


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A fair amount of clock-ticking has passed since I last updated this web space, so what better than making a return with a self-indulgent and slightly bitter overview (read: self-loathing) of the consequences of modern gaming?

Having recently developed an unexpected tirade of enthusiasm for Xbox Live head-to-head matches of FIFA 10, two things have consequently struck me: one is that my interest in football has increased despite my beloved Cardiff City emphatically missing out on promotion to the Premier League at the hands of the disciplined, balanced, organised, effective, gutsy and ‘lowly’ Blackpool. (more…)

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Nah, it’s not quite the end of the world yet; something far more important than that…

In an uncontainable spontaneous excitement, it was suddenly essential to at least give arguably one of the greatest first person shooters ever made some coverage. No, this impulse post has nothing to do with Doom, Quake or even Halo, yet it has a weighty link to Goldeneye but isn’t actually the Bond-infested classic itself. Nope, I’m talking Perfect Dark; the 2000-unleashed Nintendo 64 trend-sketcher!

No really, the multiplayer was like Goldeneye on speed. Bots everywhere, cruelly unbalanced weapons, utter carnage and, most significantly, with four human players, truly unlimited possibilities that re-set the tone for every FPS that followed. (more…)

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