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Although not strictly a video gaming convention, it’s the first big expedition of technology of the year and a few note-worthy items cropped up during the show’s three-day stay in the Glitter Gulch. The show doesn’t receive the type of media coverage that behemoth conventions like E3 garner, however, it’s still an opportunity for CEOs to deliver a few tasters for the upcoming year, which Microsoft took advantage of, while Sony had a small word and Nintendo gave it the cold shoulder. (more…)


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After a mammoth overview and re-evaluation of the tear-inducing (in a good way) ShadowMan, it felt necessary to time warp back to the future to cover the happenings of contemporary gamage. In the last week an embarrassing failure occurred, CEOs uttered unusually meaningful monologue, awards were distributed (to Activision) and Modern Warfare 2’s now controversial release is imminent as we finally creep into the hotly anticipated month known to traditionalists as ‘November’.


A match made in Hell, apparently


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