Blue hedgehog? Check. Classic chequered aesthetics? Check. Spindash? Check. Dodgy physics? Check?

First impressions of Sega’s true (well, true-ish, which will be argued later) sequel to Sonic & Knuckles, has finally landed in the sorely abandoned hands of the consumers. After failure upon relentless failure to discover the critical formula for Sonic decency in three dimensions, Sonic Team finally surrendered to their inabilities and returned to basics with the ominously-titled Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. 2D Sonic is back, and his movement’s a little odd. Continue Reading »


By some strange twist of fate/coincidence/THQ stalking me, Metro 2034 was announced yesterday evening, not long after my rant about its predecessor was introduced to the internets. The coincidence is quite shocking, even if a sequel was inevitable, with its unique selling point being that it will support the third dimension (the one with glasses, not the one we’re used to now, because that’s not really 3D I’m told), indicating it’ll either make it to PlayStation 3 this time, or that the Xbox 360 will support 3D in the very near future. Continue Reading »

Sigh. Metro 2033. What a disappointment it turned out to be. At the time of the trailer’s release there was, from certain quarters, such as these, a huge amount of hope and expectation. With the already-classic Fallout 3 finally running out of steam as its last downloadable content was offered, up pops a suspiciously yet excitingly similar quasi-follow-up, due to be released before the post-Fallout depression kicked-in. The trailer brought connotations of a similar concept, of the human race once again being driven underground following the aftermath of a catastrophic war. Granted, not entirely original for a game (in fairness, it is based on a novel) yet nevertheless an ideal stop-gap between one end of the world, Fallout 3, to the next, Fallout New Vegas. No sooner than the menacing words of ‘Metro 2033’ popped up once the trailer was done with giving us a jolly good whetting, the ‘anticipation-o-meter’ sprang into overdrive. Continue Reading »

Game: English? Norsk? Nederlands? Svenska? Dansk?

Gamer: English, please.

Game: Press Start Continue Reading »

Resurgent CoD Inbound

No, this isn’t an environmental report suggesting the perilously low stocks of fish found in the Atlantic are on the up, rather it’s something to do with Activision’s latest money generator with the release of the next Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map pack, once again containing three new arenas and two old ones with a slight lick of paint. Continue Reading »

A fair amount of clock-ticking has passed since I last updated this web space, so what better than making a return with a self-indulgent and slightly bitter overview (read: self-loathing) of the consequences of modern gaming?

Having recently developed an unexpected tirade of enthusiasm for Xbox Live head-to-head matches of FIFA 10, two things have consequently struck me: one is that my interest in football has increased despite my beloved Cardiff City emphatically missing out on promotion to the Premier League at the hands of the disciplined, balanced, organised, effective, gutsy and ‘lowly’ Blackpool. Continue Reading »

What with my chronic rambling disorder and the ability to spew out 3000 words or more on just about anything, I thought I’d enforce a gagging order upon, er, myself. These notions of utterance don’t count, but once the next paragraph has begun the clock will start ticking. To ease the pressure, the title of the review, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, will undertake trimmage and be referred to as NSMB.W from here on in. Here goes… Continue Reading »